With many feral cats in the area, it was only a matter of time before we “adopted” some.  When we moved in to the studio years ago, there were cats in the neighborhood and over the years different ones have come and gone.

We currently have four that we feed regularly and they don’t wander far. Due to the recent development of much of the vacant land in Moffett Park, the feral cat population has been displaced and dwindled. Most of the cats here have been trapped and fixed (you can tell by the notch out of their ears) which has contributed to the contracting population, but we love the ones who are left.

Please respect their space as this is their home and they have many stresses living in a business park with traffic and unfamiliar people and no comfortable “forever” home.


Boo was an indoor/outdoor cat and you could see him in the studio. He liked to be around people. UPDATE: Boo is no longer with us. His old age and illness got the better of him. We miss him a lot!


These are likely the oldest pair with a seemingly Maine Coon heritage. Brother and sister they often stay close. We call them Fuzzy and White Face. The one with the white face is mostly blind due to Glaucoma, so be careful to let him know you are near. They are not human friendly but tolerate us around. UPDATE: The kitty on the left passed away in Sept 2023.


Peanut is our newest resident. He is the youngest and likes to curl up in unusual spots. He has beautiful tiger markings.


This is Slinky because she is shorter and kind of “slinks” around. She is our polydactyly cat with extra toes on her front feet. She is a super sweet cat that loves to have her head scratched.