We get asked all the time to help create product videos explaining a certain technology or how a product or software works. Many times these are start ups or small companies with limited marketing resources and budgets. While it is not hard to create a 3-minute video showcasing a technology or product, we often find ourselves having a bigger discussion with the client about “why” I would want to buy what they are selling.

Sell the Benefits

Even though we are in Silicon Valley and people like techie stuff, a good marketing video needs to sell the benefits…the “why” – it has to make someone identify with a feeling that it will provide some sort of relief, make their life easier….and most times they don’t care how. No longer are we so fascinated with technology that we just have to have it. It is like taking an aspirin for a headache….we don’t analyze the ingredients and how the company creatively combined the elements….we take it because  it will make us feel better.

Take Time to Plan

Spending the time to plan and create an effective video is not insignificant. Does it make the most sense to focus on creating a message that will make people take action, instead of just a spewing of the features or how it works?

Capturing someone’s attention is hard enough, so make your “why” story clear quickly. Take the time to think about your message, your story and then tell in a way that your audience can identify with. The time upfront being clear about what you are trying to accomplish will be so much more beneficial from a sales standpoint since your buyers will be attached both emotionally and logically.

We are not saying that you should never do an “explainer” video, but make sure it is the right approach for your audience.