“Neighborhood” Cats Make Life at PLS Interesting

With many feral cats in the area, it was only a matter of time before we "adopted" some.  When we moved in to the studio years ago, there were cats in the neighborhood and over the years different ones have come and gone. We currently have four that we feed [...]

Live Streaming at PLS

With Covid-19 restrictions in place for having events and gatherings, many of our clients are utilizing live streaming and more video in their businesses. Here are some images from a recent production at Pacific Light Studios that included live streaming. (Produced by Blare Media.) [...]

New Studio Up and Running

We have added a second studio for live broadcasts and streaming with a 3/4 green screen. It is a larger space with more lighting and production crew area. For more information on Studio B and rates, see our Studio B page. [...]

Create Videos with Purpose

We get asked all the time to help create product videos explaining a certain technology or how a product or software works. Many times these are start ups or small companies with limited marketing resources and budgets. While it is not hard to create a 3-minute video showcasing a technology [...]

Behind the Scenes of a Video Shoot

We had an opportunity to to do a fun video for a solar client. They wanted to showcase the possibilities for integrating solar technology into wearables. In this video the wearable was a motorcycle jacket that collects sunlight during the day as the riders are out and then can power [...]

Are Still Photographic Images Extinct?

Everyone is jumping on the video bandwagon…much to the dismay of some traditional photographers who have not been able to make the transition to video or don’t want to make a transition to video. It is not hard to convince the marketing powers that good imagery is powerful, but it does not have [...]